Warranty Coverage

Elium warranty will cover products purchased from eliumlife.com or our authorized distributors.  Our warranty covers a standard 1-year warranty from manufacturer defects. 

Manufacturer defects are defects found in manufacturing and production stage where with normal use, should not deteriorate. 

Elium cases are tested to sustain drop tests up to 9 feet. Even though no guarantees are made, tested at factory level we are confident at 9 feet normal use, the case would be intact. 

What is Not Covered?

Due to a physical antenna board embedded inside the Elium Case, any attemps to open or peel the case apart to expose the antenna would void warranty.  The antenna board is to be placed at an exact location to the phone, any attempts to modify the case would void warranty.

Because there is a board embedded, this case is not flexible. The sides of the case are manufactured in flexible TPU materials to wrap around your phone and provide protective features, but the back of the case has a limited flexibility.  Excess attempts to flex the case would result in possible damage of the antenna board and would void warranty. 

Damages sustained from poison, liquid, or natural disasters are not covered under our warranty. 

How to Claim Warranty?

If you need to claim warranty on your product, please contact us here to assist for further information.