What happens when I put the Elium X1 case on my phone?

Your smartphone gets immediate wireless relief and responds by reducing its power usage because of improved global cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth signaling. Your phone can even show a one bar improvement (10x or greater signal strength increase in iOS 11) in the signal meter despite its internal RF Power Amplifier and Automatic Gain Control that restrict and control power usage. In addition, your phone's multiple radios search nonstop to acquire the best connectivity. This is why your phone's display and signal searching are the top two drains on its battery. Wireless relief through a cleaner signal means your phone's power regulators can reallocate the conserved power to other functions as your phone never stops multitasking. This helps mitigate functional lag. Lastly, a cleaner wireless signal helps with network congestion and bottlenecks. Instead of last on and first off the network, your phone inside an Elium X1 case improves your position to be last on and last off the network. All of these actions are what accounts for improved connectivity, speed and battery life, hence a better mobile experience.

What is the Elium X1 case, and why does it matter?

The Elium X1 case is embedded with WavCatcher antenna technology which enhances global cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth signaling. Thus the case not only protects your phone significantly but also improves your phone's connectivity, speed and battery life. Offered at a similar price point to top protective case brands, the Elium X1 case can preserve your phone and screen's longevity while optimizing its performance and functions.

How do I know the Elium X1 case works?

Just about every user has mobile pain points in her/his personal use case. The simplest test is to put your phone inside an Elium X1 case and go do what you do. In less than a week, you will most likely know where the improvement is. Testers in early beta trials have given a variety of testimonials on how better signaling has improved their mobile experience.

How does the Elium X1 case work?

The Elium X1 case is designed with WavCatcher antenna technology. It uses inductive coupling (a form of electromagnetic induction, e.g. wireless inductive charging) to provide wireless relief to the radios in your phone. These radios connect to small antenna structures which have limited energy fields because of size and device restrictions. This forces your phone to work incredibly hard to establish connectivity and accounts for much of its battery depletion. The Elium X1 case is essentially a ‘plug and play’ passive super antenna that is positioned outside of your phone and is thus unconfined to produce cleaner and larger coverage patterns. In addition, different elements of antenna diversity help ensure optimal mobile connectivity. To learn why wireless relief matters, please reference this article.

Will wireless charging work on my phone in an Elium X1 case?

Wireless inductive charging, i.e. Qi standard, does work on phones inside an Elium X1 case. Unlike some other protective case solutions, the Elium X1 case is constructed of material composition that enables RF energy to cleanly pass through (for example, carbon and zinc are known wireless-disruptors). Secondly, the Elium X1 case utilizes a passive printed circuit antenna footprint which, unlike active and amplified solutions, minimizes the possibility of electromagnetic interference.

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