Elium, a Mobile Accessories Lifestyle Brand



The Elium X1 case uses the WavCatcher antenna to optimize your iPhone for a more optimized performance – it couples nicely with your phone’s internal antennas to organically optimize your phone’s signal coverage pattern.  Similar technology can be found in military applications like the Patriot Missile. 

The location of the antenna system in your iPhone is positioned in the corners and edges of your phone.  By knowing the exact location of the antenna system, we're able to design a unique footprint that increases the cellular, Wifi, and Bluetooth signal patterns. 

With optimized wireless signals, your phone also uses less power, resulting in a slight increase of battery life.  This action of energy conservation reallocates power to improve and accelerate your phone’s processing functions. In addition, the X1 case provides full protective coverage to prevent damage to your phone from any accidental drops.